7 Interesting Activities Should You Do When You Travelling in Switzerland

Swiss, known as Switzerland is one of the countries in Europe has always been the desire of each person in the whole world for a vacation. This country has always been a place that must be visited even if you need to stay for days to enjoy the natural scenery that looks like a painting to enjoy genuine Swiss culinary diversity that unfortunately that is passed.

Based on the survey taken from the 2015 World Happiness Resort, Switzerland declared as the happiest place in the world from about 158 ​​countries surveyed. So, what things that you can do when visit in this country? Let’s see the reports below!

  • Rent a Pedalo and Enjoy Lake Zurich

Once you arrive at the beautiful Lake Zurich, do not just stand there and spend your time to see its natural beauty, but let’s try this one interesting activity is to rent a kind of small boat driven by pedal or paddled. In addition to burn calories after you eat enough, this activity can also make you more leverage in enjoying the natural beauty of Lake Zurich

  • Cycling Around the City

You can rent a bicycle to look around the city. Keep in mind that Switzerland is very favorable traffic system for cyclists. In addition there are no traffic jams, cyclists in Switzerland given special lanes that are likely safe for cycling either from children to adults.

  • Enjoying Views of Nature in Gurten

It’s easy to go to Gurten, use the tram from Bern City Venter towards Gurten where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the heights. If the good season or the weather is sunny then you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but if you visit Gurten in the winter where, then you can enjoy your experience to skiing.

  • Enjoy Je d’Eau Fountain in Geneva

Je d’eau is a symbol of the city. The fountain sprays the water up to 140 meters to the air which you can even see it in your airplane seat. Jet d’eau is also often the place to take pictures for tourists from around the world.

  • Visiting Old Castle Bellinzona, Lugano

In Switzerland you can also visit an old castle that is built on a large area with buildings that are still preserved today. The location of this castle, north of Lugano, so once you arrive at Lugano then you can ask anyone to find out information on transportation to the Castle of Bellinzona.

  • Typical food tasting Fondue

Not complete if you don’t try the typical cuisine of this one Swiss, Fondue. This is a dish consisting of skewered pieces of dry bread dipped into hot melted cheese. If you are visiting Switzerland in winter I strongly encourage you to taste Fondue.

  • Visiting Old Town

Old Town is the old town around Aare River and can be seen through the bridge which divides the river. In this area there are many old buildings were built during the mid and Rennaisans period and in 1983 UNESCO named the Old Town.

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