Unfold the Mystery of Chernobyl By Booking a Trip With StalkerWay

Unfold the Mystery of Chernobyl By Booking a Trip With StalkerWay

Before the catastrophic nuclear plant explosion, Chernobyl was a great place where people of different social backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs lived and worked happily.  The explosion changed everything and now this site has become the untold mystery that many want to know but few have the courage. The restrictions and demands required for one to safely tour this place leave it only to professional tour guides. Thinking of spending your weekend exploring Chernobyl’s mystery but not sure where to start? StalkerWay is here to make things easy for you.

Who Is StalkerWay?

It is one of the most innovative and reliable Chernobyl professional tour operators. This Chernobyl tour operator is based in Kiev, Ukraine and has been in operation since 2010.  It has earned the trust of thousands of customers the reason TripAdvisor has frequently recommended it as one of the world’s best Chernobyl tour operators.

What Packages Do they Offer?

This Ukrainian tour operator presents customers with various tour options. It’s up to you to decide how, when, and where you wish to tour.  These are the 3 main tour packages to consider.


  1. The 1-day Tour Package

This is a standard package tailored for busy executives who would wish to tour Chernobyl but don’t have the time. It’s a one-day tour that will let you explore the most intriguing attractions in Chernobyl like the Kopachi, Kindergarten village, the Pripyat ghost-town, the red forest, and the nuclear plant.

  1. The 2-day Tour Package

This is a bit more inclusive and accommodating tour package that lets you explore most Chernobyl areas, taste the local dishes as well as have a taste of the local hospitality. With this package, you are assured of maximum tour safety, exclusive photo taking experiences, and modern transportation.

  • Private Tours Package

This package is entirely customized for you depending on your personal preferences. It’s a high-class user-centric package that lets you choose where you want to visit. It’s a bit more costly though.

Why Book a Trip with StalkerWay

There are so many reasons you should book a trip to Chernobyl with a tour guide. These are the unique reasons why the Kiev-centered Chernobyl tour operator is all you need.

  • Safety guarantee—one of the core areas this tour operator puts extra emphasis on is on customer safety. Everywhere you go and everything you do will be kept under control to maximize your safety.
  • Affordable rates—you shouldn’t shy away from booking a Chernobyl trip with this professional tour guide in fear of being overcharged as the rates are pocket-friendly.
  • Professional guides—all your experiences will be taken full control of by skilled and experienced tour guides.


A well-planned tour is the best way to have fun and spend some time out during the weekend.  With the best and most reliable professional tour guides, you will enjoy the most extraordinary trip in your entire life. You will explore and learn everything about the mysterious Chernobyl. Book a trip with the right Chernobyl tour operator and live to tell the story.

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