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People love steak for many reasons, even you, right? Aside from the fact, that it is the most expensive cut of meat that you can buy, people just simply love to sink their teeth in that beautiful slab of beef meat that is equally tender, juicy, and very flavorful that will make you want more.

In general, steaks have different cuts across different muscle fibers and groups of an entire cow and can sometimes include the bone of it. Technically, the cow has three prime areas for steaks, the short loin, the tenderloin, and the ribs as these muscles are the ones that are less moved or mobilized while the cow was still freely grazing at a farm.

This means that these three prime areas have the softest and have the most tender part or meat of a cow, and these areas are not that big which is why the price is technically expensive. These areas known to be not moved more frequently by the cow contains more fat deposit or marbling adding more flavor to it.


If you are not too familiar with steaks, check out the rest of this post that will help you identify the different steak cuts that might give you an idea of what to cook next for yourself or for your loved ones or visit and make reservations to try their best steaks available.

  1. Tenderloin– Also known as filet mignon, tenderloins are usually the fillet of the beef, which is boneless and also the most expensive cut of steak that you can buy. Tenderloin can be found at the beef’s short loin and sirloin area located under the ribs. The entire tenderloin can be cut starting out at a wide and then tapers at the other end, or the tail of the beef. It is the most tender of all steaks with a buttery and mild in flavor.
  1. Strip– Known as top sirloin or top loin, this cut is also boneless that comes from the short loin portion of the beef. From its name itself, the strip steak is almost a rectangular in shape with slightly tapered edges and this cut of steak is usually marbled with fat and has large pieces of fat around its edges which makes it very flavorful and very tender that it virtually melts in your mouth.
  1. T-bone– This cut of steak which has a bone in it comes from the cross-section of the short loin. Also known as porterhouse, it is called T-bone because of the letter “T” shaped bone attached to the meat. T-bone steaks are also available at bar causeway bay.

4. New York Strip– This boneless cut of steak comes from the short loin or the meat located behind the ribs. It has a slice of well-marbled meat that is usually large and is best grilled and makes great sandwiches like the Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia. Also, it makes a great steak that is seared in a pan using butter and rosemary with a dash of pepper and salt like the steaks cooked at