Westchester and around has several appealing amusement parks that can be reached in a group or individually using Westchester bus rental. One of the considerable joys of summer vacation is riding a rollercoaster or perhaps another thrilling ride. We are very lucky to have many amusement parks in the Hudson Valley as well as other fun parks nearby.

Listed here are some prominent theme parks for your next feat with Westchester bus rental:

Hudson Valley Amusement Parks-16 Old Route 9 West, Fishkill, NY

Recognized as America’s Biggest Little Water Park, Splashdown Beach in Dutchess County is chief for summer joy for kids in the region. Its small size can indicate that you won’t get tired while walking to each corner of the park. One can find amusing water slides, wave pool, lazy river, a beach and places for kids.

Playland-1 Playland Parkway, Rye, NY

Playland has always been the most-liked theme park destination ever since 1927 in Westchester. Recognized as “America’s Premiere Playground”, there are activities for fun.

Its popular Dragon Coaster is a favorite. It happens to be one of the vintage rides and also a wooden rollercoaster, it is something that you don’t get to notice at every park nowadays. They have got Kiddy Rides, with fun rides just for your kids to have them smile.

Family Ride consists of typical ones your parents might have enjoyed at the park, like the House of Mirrors, also new ones such as the Zombie Castle. Thrill Rides add a lot more enthusiasm to the visit, with joy like the Derby Racer or even the Double Shot ride.

Playland is likewise recognized for its tremendous entertainment such as weekly fireworks shows and also concerts with top singers.

Westchester bus rental

Other Amusement Parks in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut

Coney Island (Luna Park)-1000 Surf Avenue Brooklyn, NY

Luna Park is enjoyed by New Yorkers and individuals have arrived from every state and beyond to check out this fun theme park.

This theme park initially opened in 1903, and was recognized as the “Electric Eden.” At present Luna Park highlights rides, fun games, dining and also shops. One can spend the whole night having fun here at Luna Park.

The Coney Island Cyclone is also an enthusiastic ride and very likely to be one of the most popular rollercoasters on the East Coast. However, Luna Park has various other rides. If you like loads of thrills, check out the Sling Shot, Thunderbolt, Steeplechase or The Tickler. If you wish for an even more moderate kind of a ride, then try the B&B Carousel or even the Coney Island Hang Glider. The most gentle rides comprise of the Mermaid Parade, Big Top Express, and Happy Swing.

If you are planning to go a little further to Pennsylvania, you can likewise have a look at the following amusement parks in Eastern Pennsylvania:

  • Dorney Park and the Wild Water Kingdom
  • Hershey Park
  • Camelbeach Mountain Water Park
  • Sesame Place
  • Dutch Wonderland

Westchester bus rental will take you to these locations promptly at the comfort and in affordability.