14 February most associated with love, it is also a source of concern for European men who are normally expected to “dazzle and entertain” women in their life.

While often considered the secret of success in romantic gesture to be “surprise”, could be lady just as impressed by visiting the city is well organized. This work even to visit a familiar city, but exploring it from a new angle.

Below are five Swiss destinations with romantic touch:

  • St Moritz

Synonymous with glamour and decadence and luxury, St Moritz needs no long introduction. Made famous by two Winter Olympics, streaming movies in Hitchcock, referred to in the film bond “Goldfinger”, is less known fact that Saint Moritz resort in Switzerland the sunniest and has several winter spectator sports events.

On Sunday, 21 February, the last three Sundays of white turf “horse racing on ice”. What a perfect opportunity to “fur” with your better half and join the rich!

  • Bern

Bern’s cobbled streets and medieval architecture, perhaps the most charming Swiss city directly. The Swiss capital and home to Parliament is a city that doesn’t scream but instead gently whispers its importance-how very Swiss!

If your date, history buff took it to the small but interesting Museum of Einstein. The gothic  “Münster” Cathedral, is worth to visit, it is the highest spire in Switzerland recognized by UNESCO.

Views of the Alps and the rooftops of the old town is said to have the most beautiful (and romantic)!

  • Geneva

Geneva is located in the beautiful Lake Geneva borders France. It is so close, in fact, that many people are not familiar with Switzerland often confused and ask, “Is this Swiss or Fench?” Well, it’s certainly a French flair but with Swiss. One, the iconic must to see is Jet d’eau fountain. A guided tour of the United Nations is also popular choice, while less than romance.

A day trip more convenient with the history of 13th century elegant, imposing, Château de Chillon (Chillon Castle). It is easily accessible by car, train or boat from Geneva, and saves a lot of looks fantastic on picture Lake spots.

  • Montreux

Montreux is located between the largest wine region in Switzerland. Every summer, the “Montreux Jazz Festival” draws visitors from around the world who have become addicted to spend summer nights with music by the Lake.

If you have never heard of the word “Swiss” and “wine” orders together, no wonder that exports 1% of Swiss wines. A night at the Inn along with appetizers, wine in the nearby Château Maison Blanche is sure to impress your loved one.

  • Lucerne

Valentine is a perfect day to trip if you live in Zurich or Basel. The “Wasserturm” Bridge apparently one of the most photographed bridges in Switzerland.

Carnival celebrations would be just across since 12 February – but being Switzerland – an army of angels will be little dust cleaning debris and there will probably be little impact of the Festival left. And beautiful city hang out, stop for coffee and watch people (between stare into each other’s eyes-of course).